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Sarah Jane's Szikora's Biography
Sarah Jane Szikora, Artist

Coming from a large family I was constantly looking for ways to amuse myself and soon discovered that drawing and painting was by far my favourite. I also made frequent trips abroad to my fathers native Hungary, encountering for the first time the larger than life ladies and gents who were probably the earliest influence for the characters in my paintings. Although I found school to be an unpleasant experience I enjoyed art and music classes, so it was natural for me to pursue an artistic career. I completed a foundation course at Harrogate College of Art where I studied a range of subjects, including photography, sculpture and graphics.

During this time I maintained a lifelong interest in simple drawing, and always enjoyed the life class most. From Harrogate I went on to study illustration at Cleveland College of Art. The same interest in studying the human form continued and led to the development of the extreme figures in my work. I left Cleveland, taking with me a HND with distinction and a handful of paintings, but I didn’t yet know how to turn my studies into a job, so the painting went on the backburner. In 1991 I set up a business called ‘Wild Thing’ hand making papier-maché models, ranging from twisted newspaper sheep to 7-foot giraffes.

These were sold from a shop in York, and kept me busy for a couple of years until I decided to display the work I had left college with. The ‘big girls with attitude’ sold surprisingly quickly and encouraged me to concentrate on painting instead as my chosen career. Since then I have been painting non-stop. Along the way my partner took responsibility for publishing my work as greetings cards until I found an agent who in turn introduced me to Washington Green and the Halcyon Gallery in 1995. I have since had my work published as limited edition prints, greetings cards and jigsaws as well as having various exhibitions over the last 4 years.



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